After graduating from college in 1996, I began my career as a web designer. My first job was working at MTV in Times Square for their online division - super cool job to have as my first.  I ran out of money and wanted to be closer to family so I moved to Austin, TX where I worked for a start-up originally called (until Harvard sued them). The internet industry during this time was so much FUN - incredibly entreprenurial and non-traditional in the day to day. Flexible working hours, comfy attire, even in some cases beer in the company frig! Whoohoo!


However, as much fun as I had, when the economy dropped so did the industry and it left me reconsidering my career. I have always LOVED fashion (writing Vogue at age 15 telling them I wanted to work for them one day). I found an up and coming handbag line and naively emailed their office. To my surprise, they wrote back and told me I should look into Fossil. All worked out and I spent 12 years there and traveled the world with them learning a whole new skillset. During that time I married, started a family, and found myself at yet another crossroad of longing to return to my home state of Arkansas and raise my family there.


Small town living won out and I now find myself in the super cool town of Fayetteville, AR and though I still love fashion and want to continue consulting and designing product in this industry. I also am interested in sharing that love with a new skill of rennovating homes - this blends my love of product design + my original love and interest of architecture. I was designing and decorating my room since i was a small kid - painting my bedroom furniture and constantly resetting my furniture. I have also done small rennovations and ugrades to my past two homes as well as my current home. I have designed the layout and look of my parents two homes - the first one was done when I was a mere 16 yr old. Its a deep seeded love - the idea of giving new life to a home that most people dismiss is a thrilling challenge. I love the challenge of taking an irrelevant home and making it very now and very relevant.








Shannon Curry